New Graphics in beta v2

i decided to change the graphics and to make the game feel more realistic (as if my computer can handle) so you can have version 2 with

small changes until version 3 comes out which now im going to make version 2 with slight changes like graphics which the important part is 

post-processing which uses bloom(it will not include in the game), anti aliasing, Motion blur,color grading and many more.

i would finish this today even thought im installing the game engine(unity) XD.

i will try to make an application for android but with low-medium graphics(cause phones don't hold that much graphics like computers)

or just for pc only.

i think for halloween update which i would make it dark with flashlight some pumpkins a skeleton and happy halloween text with blood(cause its halloween duh).

or you can comment if i could collaborate with other teams who are making horror games!

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